Carlos started his musical studies at the Conservatorium of Vigo, in Spain. From there he moved to Madrid, Barcelona and London, for studies under Gilbert Biberian, always obtaining the highest qualifications.

There is a string of accomplishments to his credit, including awards for his musical studies and prizes taken at international music competitions.

      -1st prize in the first guitar competition by Radio Popular Spain.
      -2nd prize in the international contest “ City of Orense,” Spain.

Through the years Carlos has performed for audiences in countries around the world. He has recorded programs for radio and created music for theatre. He has also held positions in a number if instrumental formations and orchestras including first Guitar in the L’Hospitalet Chamber Orchestra in Barcelona.

Within the world of music,Carlos attracts respects from fellow musicians . Outside of this, Carlos has a following of admirers through showing people the wonders of classical and Spanish music.

Barbara Choy.

Ivory Concepts.

“Were it not for music, we might in these days say, the Beautiful is dead”

Benjamin Disraeli

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